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Millet Meals

Small grain meals are delicious and wholesome dishes that primarily feature various types of small grains as their main ingredient.

Varagu Mushroom Briyani

Varagu mushroom biryani is a delightful and nutritious vegetarian dish that combines the goodness of varagu (also known as kodo millet), mushrooms, and aromatic spices.

Millet Sweets and Savouries

Millets, with their natural nutty flavor and impressive nutritional benefits, can be creatively incorporated into both sweets and savories, offering a delicious and wholesome twist to traditional recipes.

Millet Tiffin Dishes

Millets tiffin dishes are a delightful and nutritious selection of quick and light meals made with various types of millets.

Thinai Pongal

Thinai pongal is a delicious and nutritious South Indian dish that puts a unique twist on the traditional pongal recipe by using foxtail millet (known as "thinai" in Tamil) as the main ingredient.

Herbal Grill Chicken

Herbal grill chicken is a succulent and flavorful dish that tantalizes the taste buds with a combination of aromatic herbs and tender grilled chicken.